Thorogud Soilclimber

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Thorogud Soilclimber
Thorogud soilclimber.png
Released March 3, 2022 (Update)
NPC info
Quest Giver No
Has Shop No
Can Bank No
Location info
Location Vestada
X -75
Y 21

Thorogud Soilclimber is an NPC found in multiple locations around the world. For a price he will take a piece of equipment and different types of shiny shards to convert that equipment into its shiny version.


Meteor Equipment
Item Created Meteor Shards Coins Equipment
Meteor Platemail (S) 6 910 Coins.png Meteor Platemail
Meteor Platelegs (S) 6 520 Coins.png Meteor Platelegs
Meteor Kite Shield (S) 6 650 Coins.png Meteor Kite Shield
Meteor Helmets (S) 6 65 Coins.png Meteor Helmets
Meteor Greaves (S) 6 130 Coins.png Meteor Greaves
Meteor Gauntlets (S) 6 130 Coins.png Meteor Gauntlets
Meteor Tower Shield (S) 6 Meteor Tower Shield