Save Smellyfeet's Face

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Save Smellyfeet's Face
Released September 4, 2021 (Update)
Length Short-Medium
Quest Series None
Quest Difficulty Novice

The second quest released in the second technical beta of Eterspire and the one set in Stonehollow Swamp. In this Eterspire tale, you shall play the role of arbiter to settle a dispute between the goblin Smellyfeet and the daughter of Hans (who takes after her father), Katalyn the warrior. To initiate the quest, you must journey through Stonehollow Swamp and Stonehollow Swamp Depths, following the road and then the (many) signs placed by Smellyfeet. Right before arriving at Smellyfeet's home, turn right up a hill to find Katalyn's house and speak to her to start the quest.


Quest start Speak with Katalyn the warrior near her house in Stonehollow Swamp to start this quest.
Description Katalyn's dagger has gone missing and needs some help locating it!
Requirements None
Required items * 5 Blue Slugs
Enemies to defeat None

Katalyn's Threat

First, you must initiate the quest by traveling to Katalyn's house. From Stonehollow, you must go through Stonehollow Woods, then to Stonehollow Swamp, then follow the road to Stonehollow Swamp Depths. From there, follow the signs until you find Smellyfeet's house. Backtrack and take the first right where the road forks up a hill. There you will find Katalyn's house and Katalyn herself standing outside of it.

File:Smellyfeet's House Smellyfeet's Quest.png
Talking to Smellyfeet about Katalyn's stolen dagger.

Speak to Katalyn. She will tell you a tale or two of her exploits fighting in the Swamp, and then ask whether you wish to help her in getting revenge on the goblin Smellyfeet who stole her dagger. However, she agrees to forego beating up Smellyfeet should you be able to bring her dagger back to her. When she finishes, respond with "okay" to initiate the quest.

Smellyfeet's Proposal

Next, go to Smellyfeet's house and speak with him (or directly ask about the dagger by saying "dagger" to him). He will state that the dagger is undeniably his as he found it, but the prospect of being beaten up by Katalyn changes his mind. He says that if you bring him Slug Pie, he shall return the dagger. If you say "slug pie," he will give a clue that to bring him a Slug Pie, you will have to speak with a chef.

Slug Pie Cooking

There is (as of the Swamp update) only one chef in the game, that being Chef Garson in Stonehollow. Go to him and ask him about Slug Pie (by saying "slug pie"). For him to bake you a Slug Pie, you will need to bring him 5 Blue Slugs, and 25 Coins. If you do not have a Sea Bug Cage, first go to Fisherman Sam to buy one. Then, go to Stonehollow Swamp and fish at a Slug Fishing spot. You will get all sorts of slugs - for this quest, you only need the Blue Slugs. For convenience, you can cook them using the bonfire in the same map (which is close to the warp point to Stonehollow Swamp Depths - to get to the bonfire, follow the road nearly until the warp point, then turn right. The bonfire will be in that area).

Saving Smellyfeet's Face

File:Katalyn Final Smellyfeet's Quest.png
Finally finishing the quest as you turn in Katalyn's Dagger!

Once you have 5 Blue Slugs and 25 Coins, return to Chef Garson in Stonehollow. Say "slug pie" again to him, and he will bake you a Slug Pie (this will consume the items you give him). Now, return to Smellyfeet. Say "slug pie" to him, which will give him the Slug Pie, and he will return Katalyn's Dagger to you. Now, return to Katalyn. After returning the dagger to her, the quest will end.

Note: Smellyfeet's house contains a chest that Katalyn said is full of items. You can attempt to open the chest by clicking on it - see what happens!

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Talk to Katalyn in Stonehollow Swamp Depths to start the quest. Type "okay" to accept the quest. Wait until the quest acceptance notification has shown.
  2. Head down to Smellyfeet's home and speak to him. Type "dagger" to continue the quest.
  3. Speak to Chef Antoine Garson in Ye Olde Garson's in Stonehollow. Type "slug pie" in order to proceed.
  4. Head to Stonehollow Swamp and fish at a Slug Fishing Spot using a Sea Bug Cage. You can get a Sea Bug Cage from Fisherman Sam. Fish a little over 5 Raw Blue Slugs in case you burn any. Proceed to cook at least 5 Raw Blue Slugs until you have 5 Blue Slugs.
  5. Head back to Chef Antoine Garson in Stonehollow. Speak to him and type "slug pie" in order to receive the Slug Pie
  6. Finally, return to Smellyfeet and type "slug pie" when speaking to him. He will give you Katalyn's Dagger.
  7. Walk back to Katalyn and hand in Katalyn's Dagger in order to complete the quest!


Quest Rewards
Items 1,000 Coins.png Katalyn's Helm
Experience 10,560
Unlocked Features None
Unlocked Quests None

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