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Released September 4th, 2021 (Update)
NPC info
Quest Giver Yes
Has Shop Yes
Can Bank No
Location info
Location Stonehollow Swamp & Vestada

Katalyn is the daughter of Hans and lives in the edge of Stonehollow Swamp Depths. Additionally, she can be found in Vestada huddled up next to a bonfire to the south.

Katalyn tries to prove her heroics to you on various occasions when you speak to her;

  • If you speak to Katalyn in Stonehollow Swamp Depths she will explain that she vanquished a giant turtle! However, she changes this detail during the story to a butterfly. To which your character points out the inconsistencies in the story.
  • If you speak to Katalyn in Vestada next to the bonfire she will explain her reasoning for being there. She is wearing full metal armor and not the appropriate winter clothes. Thus, she speaks in a freezing manner the entire time and brings up Wilhelm's Hot Chocolate in conversation. Despite this, she wants to appeal to you that the cold is not affecting her.


Katalyn is the quest giver for Save Smellyfeet's Face quest, where you must save Smellyfeet from being punched in the face for stealing her dagger!


After completing Save Smellyfeet's Face you have access to Katalyn's Loot Store. You can buy the following items from her store; Meteor Tower Shield, Meteor Dagger, Meteor Sword, and Meteor Longsword.


  • Katalyn wears a unique armor set that players do not have access to.

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