Four Crows

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Four Crows
Released Unknown
Length Medium - Long
Quest Series None
Quest Difficulty Novice

Four Crows has you hunting for Caliburnus's four lost crows. He sends you to Norma Guswacha who tells you the location of the crows in the form of a riddle.


Quest start Speak with Caliburnus at Abandoned Mill in the Firefly Forest
Description Help Caliburnus find his four lost crows that have spread to far corners of the the land!
Requirements Must be level 15 combat
Required items None
Enemies to defeat None

Norma gives you the following riddles:

  • The first crow can be found in a lilac woodland, on a wooden soil across a deep blue creek.
  • The second crow can be found in a putrid land, not far north of the dwelling of a fierce warrior.
  • The third crow can be found between a small frozen lake and a cliff so tall it plunges into darkness.
  • And the fourth crow can be found atop a hill, to the east of where hens lay their eggs.

Quest NPC Locations:

  1. Caliburnus
    • In Old Guswacha's Firefly Forest (North) at the Abandoned Mill X: -180 Y: 157
  2. Norma Guswacha
    • Old Guswacha's Firefly Forest (North) at the Campsite X: 128 Y: 165

Crow Locations:

  1. Old Guswacha's Firefly Forest (South) at position X: -68, Y: -29
  2. Swamphollow (West) at position X: -86, Y: 122
  3. Snowy Hills (East) at position X: -223, Y: -147
  4. Stonehollow at position X: 62, Y: 62


Quest Rewards
Items Cape of the Crow Master
Experience 14,488
Unlocked Features None
Unlocked Quests None