Eterspire Beta III

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Eterspire Beta III
Build Number 31.0
Release Date October 11, 2021

We've been working day and night for the past weeks to bring you Eterspire Beta 3. This new version of the game revamps multiple things, rebalances the entire combat and more. We hope you all enjoy it, and join us in this new Eterspire era!

Eterspire beta III.png

New Content

  • The game now features a main storyline.
  • We've introduced the Gemstone Cavern. Explore this new, beautiful dungeon and find the hidden crystal within!
  • You will now find chests scattered across dungeons. Loot them all!
  • You can now slay monsters using Maces: a new type of weapon that hits very, very hard!

General Changes:

  • Helmets now longer provide defense. They are now just cosmetic.
  • Rings are now available and provide bonus defense.
  • Weapons now have a fixed hit chance, it no longer depends on your dexterity.
  • The Max Damage (known also as the hit cap) has been removed.
  • Weapons are now divided into two categories: Strength Weapons and Category:Strength Weapon Dexterity Weapons. The formers deal more damage based on your STR, the latter, based on DEX.
  • The defense cap has also been removed. Armor now gives you bonus defense, and every point in the defense stat also grants you bonus defense.
  • Mobs now have higher minimum damage so it's not as random as before.
  • Mobs now provide XP on death, not by player damage dealt.
  • Food can no longer be burned.
  • Fishing spots now contain only one type of fish.
  • Woodcutting has been removed.

In other news

  • Movement raycasting no longer collides with examinable entities.

Eterspire beta III b.png