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Quest Item No
Item Properties
Stackable Yes
Sell Price 1 Coins.png
Examine "Oooh! Shiny!"

The item used for currency in Eterspire. The maximum stack of coins you can have is 2,147,483,547 Coins.png. Thus, you can have two maximum Coin stacks, one in your bank and the other in your inventory. However, any Coins merged past the maximum coin value will delete the coins equal to past the maximum value. For example, merging a stack of 2,147,483,547 Coins.png with 1,000 Coins.png, you will lose the 1,000 Coins.png.

Coins are used to purchase items from shops in Stonehollow and from Katalyn's Loot Store. You can get coins by selling items you find on your adventures in these shops, or by killing monsters that drop coins as loot.

Source: Rock Crab, Hard Rock Crab, Karactor, Lord of the Moist, The Undeer