Adventurer's Cape

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Adventurer's Cape
Legend's Cape.png
Released September 10, 2021 (Bugfixes, Mob Healing and Patron Capes)
Quest Item No
Item Properties
Tradable No
Stackable No
Droppable No
Equippable Yes
Buy Price 0 Coins.png
Sell Price 0 Coins.png
Examine "Thank you for your support!"

Hero's Cape is a Back slot cosmetic equipable item. It comes in various colors and is the first Back slot item in the game alongside the Hero's Cape and Legend's Cape. As they're a cosmetic item, they provide no beneficial stats when equipped.


Adventurer's Cape can be acquired by speaking to Gervasius the Valiant in Stonehollow. When you approach Gervasius you must say "CAPES" in order to bring up the shop for the Patron Capes. You are able to purchase all the capes, but you need a level requirement of 100 to wear the Adventurer's Cape (note that capes are free).


Item Stats
Attack Modifiers
Base Damage {{{base_damage}}}
Hit Chance {{{hit_chance}}}%
Defense Modifiers
Bonus Defense {{{bonus_defense}}}
Item Requirements
Strength {{{strength_req}}}
Dexterity {{{dexterity_req}}}
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Drop Sources

No monsters, with this item as a drop, were found.

Shop Locations

No shops with this item were found.

Change Logs


  • Originally, the Patron Capes would turn to dust when depositing them into your bank but it was later fixed. They were a reward for being a Patreon subscriber as well.