A Dark Omen

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A Dark Omen
Released October 10, 2021 (Update)
Length Long
Quest Series None
Quest Difficulty Hard

A Dark Omen is the first main quest introduced into Eterspire.


Quest start Speak with Hans in Stonehollow
Description With the help of Hans and Tarrasaga, work to stop an evil being from coming fourth and wreaking havoc on the world.
Requirements None
Required items None
Enemies to defeat * Ghoul

Quest Stages

  1. Placeholder
  2. Placeholder
  3. Placeholder
  4. Placeholder
  5. Talk to the Vestadian Guards at the White Tower. Bring the perfume and the jewel for the Pythoness.
  6. Talk to the Pythoness atop the White Tower.
  7. Return to Tarrasaga and inform him about the Pythoness' vision.
  8. Go to the Sanctuary, west of the Stonehollow Swamp (West) and find Hans' sword.
  9. Take Hans' Sword to Tarrasaga.
  10. Go to Vestada and find Captain Snorkel in the Vestadian Port, north of the city. Tell him to take you to Mount Oreus.
  11. Go into the vortex atop Mount Oreus wielding Hans' sword and defeat Salgaraak!
  12. You have defeated Salgaraa! Go inform Tarrasaga!

Speaking With Hans

The Next Stage

The Next Stage Again, etc


Quest Rewards
Items 5000 Coins.png
Experience 70,000
Unlocked Features None
Unlocked Quests None