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Welcome to the Eterspire Wiki, we are glad you are here. As part of the effort of making this wiki grow, we've compiled this list of things that need to be done and that we need your help with. This list might not be comprehensive, though. If you find anything that needs to be completed, tidied or worked upon, please add it here.

Migrating Old Pages

As part of the process of migrating the wiki from Fandom to this host, we've imported all the old pages onto this new wiki. Most of them, however, are broken and out of date. In order to differentiate the old pages from the new ones, we've started categorizing the new pages using plural category names (e.g. Items) instead of the old singular category names (e.g. Item).

If you are creating a new page, please make sure to add it to the proper category (one with a plural name).

If you are updating a migrated page, please make sure to move it to the right category (one with a plural name).

Pages in the following categories need work:

If you happen to find any other categories not listed here, please add them!


Incomplete and minimal pages are called stubs. The old wiki did have a lot of stubs that were migrated over when we set this one up. New stubs may also be created at any time. Check Category:Stubs to find stubs you can help improve.

Broken Pages

Check Category:Broken Pages to find broken pages you can help improve.